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East Castle Music Editing
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East Castle Music Editing is part of East Castle (recording studio and producing music). ECME specializes in editing and remastering figure skating music as the main music editor is also an adult figure skater with Club Tecumseh of WOS Skate Canada.

Special Offer

Edting and remastering of music for figure skating. I do freeskates, short FS programs, OD, Freedance and pairs music.


933 Frank Ave.
Windsor, ON
N8S 3P4

Phone: 519 948-3915

Hours: 10:00 AM EST to 3:30 PM EST and 7 PM to 9PM EST M-W & F, 12 PM EST to 4PM Sat. Sometimes I'm at a local rink during these times, so please leave a message.

How To Order

You may phone ECME at 519 948-3915

Or email ECME at

Both Cash and Cheques are accepted for payment.

Please send your email address so that I can email you back with the .MP3 sample of your skating program music. When you are satisfied, please send either your skating club's address (if in Essex County, Ontario, Canada area; if in Essex County, CD(s) will be dropped off in person at your rink.) or your home address or both home and skating club address, so that the finished CD(s) can be sent to you.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: